Doing layouts with InDesign is seriously one of my favorite things. #wip #InDesign


My design, The Birth of Petunia, is up for voting in The 90’s Are All That competition by Threadless.

Voting is only for the next seven days (until March 7th) so please tell your friends.

Art historian Robert Rosenblum wrote of Petunia “[She] hovers somewhere between an ancient deity and a modern dream. The ambiguity of her eyes, that seem to be closed but that a close look reveals that she is awake… that the angels above could only sing out in joy ‘Dance, Petunia, dance!’”

Rachel’s Threadless submission is awesome!!!

Latest submission for the Nickelodeon Threadless challenge. Pete & Pete inspired design!

Mom’s Plate on Threadless



Thanks for the flickr source credit, yo. This was an amazing show.

(via convergecult)

Inkjet stickers, yeah! Somebody is wasting a ton of ink on these. #dumbstarbucks

Some should notify Ricky Bobby that his trademark is being infringed upon.



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