We already know that all of our artists are going places in this world, but we wanted to know where they’ve been! This week, we asked our printed designers what the most inspirational place they have ever visited is. Before you navigate your way through the maze of cubicles and into the…

New/old shirt design coming back tomorrow!

Got a new submission up on threadless for their Royal Blue challenge!

Had to go with a New Order reference, vote for it if you dig it!

Been listening to this band a lot. Decided to make a quick tribute to the album and it’s iconic artwork. Stripped down to the bare essentials for fun.

Space To Breathe is my latest threadless submission! Very happy with this piece, please vote if you dig it!


Also put the Besties sketchcard drawing up on shirts (at TeePublic) as well. Only $14 from now through Monday. ($20 after that.)


(via racheldukes)

3 of 3 Threadless submissions! This one is an oldie, but a goldie.

The good ole’ shark shirt, bring it back from the dead!

Also, Threadless is having a sale, and you can pick up my Lebwoski shirt for only $17.50, down from $25.

2 of 3 new Threadless submissions.

This one is inspired by this:

1 of 3 new Threadless submissions!

This one is bananas, yo. An all-over print.

Anyone I know going to Rainfest in Seattle? If so, please please pick up this amazing shirt for me in a Small. I will send you money.